"You've Got To Know When To Hold 'em"

"And know when to fold 'em" (to quote the late Kenny Rogers.) You may recall the story of two people who allegedly, both did some work for a digital start-up company in the USA some years ago? As the fledgling company didn’t have much available capital, so the story goes, the techies were both offered either a basic fee for their services, or the gamble of a tiny stake in the business. One took his $1200 fee, the other saw some potential in the business model, and took a gamble on the percentage stake. That company was GOOGLE! Sometimes a risk is well worth taking ;) Apparently, the latter is now a millionaire.

Whether the above is true, exaggerated, or just an old wives tale, the moral of the story remains the same, some folk will work all of their lives for the certainty of a weekly or monthly income, whereas others will take risks, which for some mean wealth and early retirement, but for others, the loss of that gamble, in their case $1200. If you can afford to lose $1200, then the risk is a reasonable one, I guess.

So, this brings me on to my reasoning for tonight’s blog. If you are a PR or digital marketing company that charges say, £1000 for your services to promote an album such as ours, if you knew it really was THAT good, would you forego your fee to take a stake in the project? If so, you may be just the kind of PR company we are currently seeking.

Everyone starts somewhere, usually at the bottom with some great ideas. But bring in the right people, build a successful team around you and get it in front of the public at large, you may just have that ‘something’ that others don’t have, the powder in your pistol, to shoot for the top.

The independent music scene used to be seen as a high risk area of investment, yet in recent years with the demise of many major record labels, numerous independent labels and artists, have made it to the top by building their very own ‘armies’ who do their promotion and marketing for them online.

I guess what I’m saying is, help us at this stage and we’ll stay with you when we are at the top, making the journey exciting, a bit of a fun rollercoaster ride, but worthwhile as a longer-term venture.

We KNOW we have a great product, but do you have what it takes to back it?

Ross Hemsworth Producer/Songwriter/Occasional Miracle-Worker!


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