So what's been happening?

The move into TV and film music and from 'songwriter' to composer!

It has been a fairly smooth transition from being considered a "general songwriter" to composing music for film, TV, advertising and corporate video, but the competition and pitching process can be even more competitive (and expensive!)

Many of my regular readers will know that I have been undertaking numerous courses in orchestration and score-writing in recent months, provided by the very talented composer Guy Michelmore at ThinkSpace Education. As a result, the whole style of my writing has changed and I believe, improved.

Take for example, some of the recent tracks now live on the Remote Highway website, especially within the 'instrumentals' section. Songs such as The Runner, Thrill Seeker, Skyrider and Winter's Chill, all have that film, TV and advertising feel with suspense and mood built in.

So what happened to the Bragg & Hemsworth project you may be asking? Tall Stories on Short Street was and still is, a great album in my humble opinion, but it was just a 'project', something that we had always wanted to do together, after which we both moved back to our own solo works. However, that said, have a listen to the track THE DANCER while you are visiting the songwriting page, which is another co-write with Tim. The track was written with a view to pitching to Sir Rod Stewart as we both felt it would ideally match his vocal style, especially the chorus! Mind you, just TRY getting past his gate-keepers so that he actually gets to hear the track, it's almost impossible! I guess it's not so much WHAT you know, but WHO you know :(

Much money has been invested of late, to upgrade my studio to accommodate the new works I have been attempting, but whilst it would be great to see a financial return on that investment, I make music because for me, it is fun, relaxing and a kind of therapy! The thought of having to write to deadlines and specifically for one style is slightly daunting to be honest, but one I know I can (and will) handle.

I am also looking forward to doing some live gigs as and when this damn pandemic allows! Myself and the extremely talented Freya Wolf, had been rehearsing prior to the first lockdown, for a Motown style duo to play local venues, so let's hope we can get back to that real soon! In the interim, Freya and I have started co-writing new music and the first track written together THIS MAN IS MINE, is sounding pretty damn awesome (and VERY Motown!) So I am looking forward to writing a lot more with Freya in the months ahead!

Onwards and upwards! (and if anyone knows Rod Stewart lol........)

Ross Hemsworth Remote Highway Music

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