Writers sign new publishing deal

Myself and Freya Wolf have been signed to a major music publisher and licencing company in the USA who specialise in placing music into films, TV shows and video games.

Music of the Sea spotted one of our recent songs that had been pitched on a leading U.S. music licencing submission site and have since acquired a number of songs from the Remote Highway catalogue, including one song written by the songwriting team of Ross Hemsworth, Tim Bragg, Mike Marshall and Freya Wolf.

Another of the tracks added to the Music of the Sea catalogue is The Dancer written and performed by Bragg & Hemsworth which drops as a single on September 3rd.

Music of the Sea have had a lot of recent successes in film, television and video games and picked the Hemsworth/Wolf track This Man is Mine to put forward to makers of a forthcoming TV series.

I have always believed in my songwriting and had hoped to see some further developments after taking a number of orchestration courses run by top film composer Guy Michelmore, which has in my opinion, greatly improved the way I write my music. The introduction of Freya Wolf into the fold as a recording artist at Remote Highway, has added a new dimension to the writing and some very strong songs are emerging as a result. Freya's second single Meet Me at 8, drops on August 27th and will be available from all good download and streaming sites.

Onwards & upwards!

Ross Hemsworth Songwriters Hall of Fame voting member.

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