When Saturday becomes CATurday!

Today began with finding fresh cat sick on the floor, nothing particularly strange about that when you have three house cats, who incidentally, all scream like banshees that they haven't been fed for months, all whilst you're trying (usually unsuccessfully) to make a cup of tea before catering to their every whim!

Having cleared the sick and dished out the cat food, it became obvious that Bryn, a pedigree Burmese, was not his usual bouncy self. Cue the wife on the phone for an urgent appointment at the vets, because cats can go downhill very fast when ill.

It all ended well for Bryn, a trip out in the car, lots of cuddles from the vets, who love him, blood tests and x-ray giving him the all clear, before returning home with a sizeable invoice pinned to the cat carrier :( But he's well and that's all that matters.

So, by the time I did get into the studio today, I was already 'head dead' and unable to get anything of real substance done. I therefore did the only thing I could do under such circumstances, I cracked open a bottle of San Miguel, ran a hot bath, poured in some Radox bath salts, climbed in and fell asleep!

The wife by this time, had prepared a Spaghetti Bolognese and had opened a bottle of Pillastro (red wine) and I thought..... life isn't so bad, for a Caturday!


Ross Hemsworth


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