Well it's been a gas!

Hi, Ross here from Bragg & Hemsworth, with the very first blog on the new website, written on a sunny Somerset morning May 27th 2020.

Isolation and lockdown are two words that many people in the world will never forget and at one point in our production process, we nearly used Rockin' The Lockdown as an album title! Then we thought about for about five seconds and said.....'nah' it would date the whole album.

Tall Stories on Short Street, the final choice for the album name, is a track I wrote quite a few years ago but until now, had never been released. I have to say that Tim's voice gave the song life. The story is about a former Vietnam war-vet, neglected by his government after serving his country, left to live off the charity of passers by on a New York street. He would tell stories (often greatly exaggerated) of his wartime exploits to interest the public, who would then throw coins in his hat. He and his dog would be there everyday, next to a cardboard box with all his worldly goods, and a dirty sleeping bag. One cold wet morning, he wasn't there anymore, the dog was alone by the box and sleeping bag, but did anyone really notice?

Tim and I will tell you a bit behind each of the songs over the coming weeks to give you an insight into their origins. We will also tell you some of the stories, agreements and disagreements as the album came together through one of the strangest times in many years.

Ross Hemsworth Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer www.rosshemsworth.co.uk

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