Well if initial reactions are anything to go by....

This morning, I sent our completed album out to a number of people to gain their initial reactions, the response was better than we ever could have imagined!

These are working musicians, people in the know, people who recognise good and bad music when they hear it. I am not going to embarass any of them by naming them, but here are some of their quotes:

"This is excellent. I love the track Step Away. Well they are all good - genuine hit material."

"Some of these songs I am hearing for the first time and they have that 'hit' impact - immediately catchy - it's all there and just a matter of somehow getting it out there. That's the tough part."

"This album has the freshness of an artist's  first album". 

"The reggae song Soul on Fire is great. Great mix. I love the hard left/right panning."

"Great lyrics and recurring motif on The Disappearing Kind."

"Loneliness Road - very nice. Saxophone very nice."

"Loving Tall Stories on Short Street, (the song not just the album) I initially thought 7 minutes for one track would be too long, but I wanted even more. The harmonica was a surprise but a really good one, it feels like a big hit".

"Great cohesion as an album. Tim's voice is amazing and the backing vocals too. Love it!" "Sounds great Ross, very American. Tom Petty'sh in part. Very good mate....... its very professional sounding throughout. Hope it does well for you and Tim."

Yes they are all genuine comments from a handful of people who have now heard the finished product. I just hope the radio producers and DJ's, the media, the bloggers and most of all, the music buying public, feel the same way!

Feeling chuffed!

Ross Hemsworth Producer/Songwriter/Happy human being!

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