Time for some live gigs?

Tim and I were recently asked if we'd do a live gig at a Chateau in France and it got me thinking.

Whilst live concerts are still a while away due to the virus that shall remain unmentioned on this blog, the idea of playing live at a French Chateau is actually very appealing and if the timing and price were right, we could certainly put a band together for that and maybe other future appearances, featuring some of the album's musical contributors.

That in turn got me thinking about live work generally, as myself and vocalist Freya Wolf are currently rehearsing for some duo appearances and I am considering writing a single with her for future release. That in turn got me thinking some more, this time about merchandise for sale at future gigs and appearances, including supporting the album...... but then I realised I am doing far too much THINKING, so turned in for an early night!

I have always loved playing live, but have failed in recent years, to find band members who stick together for long-enough periods and are reliable, available and want to play the same kind of music as me. (Including covers as well as originals)

Whilst I continue with the 'thinking', the world around me passes by at speed and the present all too soon becomes the past. We all live in the 'now' and the now is there for the briefest of moments, and for that reason, today's decisions can be either tomorrow's memories or tomorrow's to-do list!

Anyway, enough of the philosophical stuff, who would like to see us play live?

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter, Producer, Thinker of thoughts!

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