Tight times and even tighter trousers!

So, as lockdown begins to bite, one wonders how we can actually afford to release an album, and yes, that had crossed our minds too!

In the 'day job', I am furloughed and whilst that helps pay the domestic bills, it doesn't produce anywhere near the kind of income a music tour driver would normally be earning at this time of the year. As most gigging musicians and songwriters will know, a music income, unless you are a world famous star, barely pays for the beers, let alone the bills! But then, merch can help ;)

So we have been calling on a lot of favours whilst putting the project together, with guest musicians from all over the world, recording remotely, but now comes the even harder bit.... paying for the actual release.

I mentioned in a recent blog how we have had fantastic help from a graphic designer to design the album cover, but now we are on the cadge for some help from PR people with time on their hands, music distributors who can help us get physical CDs into shops, people with great social networking skills and anyone with management skills and experience, willing to 'invest' in us with either a little working capital, or better still, taking us under their wing on a larger record label with global distribution in place.

The latter is harder as was being discussed on a thread on LinkedIn today, where the new breed of A&R's were being described by old school veterans as Umm and Aaahs! I have to say I agreed with every word spoken by the thread's creator John Fitzgerald, himself an A&R executive. I added on the thread... where is Muff Winwood when you need him? Now there's a guy who had great ears!

Just before he sadly passed away some years ago, I was about to form a music management company with Mickie Most (RAK Records) who shared my views on the decline of the music industry, taking it away from REAL investment in new talent, in preference for TV talent shows and artists who "looked the part and could dance", rather than real musical and vocal talent! We both wanted to see a return to investment in real talent and the old 5 album deal package. But I stray from my point... (R.I.P. Mickie)

We need some help now, we have 12 fantastic tracks, at least THREE singles (remember those?) and some real talent playing on the album, so who fancies a piece of the action? This album doesn't just talk the talk, it really does walk the walk.

Contact me through the website.

Ross Hemsworth

Voting Member U.S. Songwriter's Hall of Fame

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