Those reviews keep on coming in.....

It is lovely to see so many great reviews coming in for the album, and Tim told me we'd made it into the top 30 of the Indie charts this week! We were also at 150 in the Amazon charts which is not a bad start! This is just one of the reviews we have had recently, this one came into the album's Facebook page over the past week from Gary Stokes (thank you Gary)....

"A fine album, and which flows really well rhythmically. There's definitely a commonality between the two of you and one wouldn't know that individual parts were recorded at different locations. The guests add some really nice dimensions, and all sounds really good from mixing, production, sound quality point of view. Well done!"

We are still waiting for the larger radio stations to realise what a good album this is and would ask you all to email your favourite radio shows, especially on BBC Radio 2 in the UK and request the current single #StepAway by Bragg & Hemsworth!

We took the rather unusual step of releasing just 60 special edition USB flash drive keyrings with the album loaded onto them and the 3D cover design on the outside, especially for radio and media. These are now collectors editions which one day, may fetch a fortune on Ebay, so if one comes into your possession, guard it with care!

We have still had to do all our own PR and marketing with zero budget, so I think we've done pretty well so far in getting the message out there, but with so many media outlets, TV and radio stations all around the world, we really need a larger label to take it over now and put it where it deserves to be...... in the bigger music charts!

So spread the word for us people, your help is priceless.

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/#LivingTheDream

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