The music industry is missing a trick......

I have really enjoyed making this album with Tim Bragg and although more used to working alone and having total creative control, this has been a learning process for me in many ways.

The thing that makes music great, is that everyone has differing views and ways that they make their music come to life, and the end listener has his or her own preferences as to what they listen to and like. When I was a radio plugger back in the day, a Radio One Producer of note once told me "...a record company spends a fortune getting everything right, the image, producer, studio, sound etc, then some tone-deaf kid from Manchester decides if it's going to be a hit". He was right. At the end of the day, it's not your views that matter it is those listening, those who do or do not buy the product!

The music industry has changed greatly over the years, and the 'less is more' trend has never appealed to me, I have always been a 'wall of sound' producer and like my songs to sound big and vibrant. However, the 'younger' listener these days, seems to like that minimalist approach, short in length or no long intros, together with a Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran style vocal approach. But what people forget is perhaps the most important factor in music-making, that the people with money that still buy a lot of music, are my generation and they still like BIG music. Not everyone is into 'modern music' and that's a great thing because it keeps music interesting and different.

I know many truck drivers for example, that buy 80's rock albums and country-rock belters because it's great music to drive to and it was well produced and performed. Modern Nashville music still is!

I think Tall Stories on Short Street will appeal to an older and more discerning audience and in my humble opinion, it is an audience that is not well catered for by the modern record labels.

Now, back to work getting those last couple of tracks up to the very high standards that Tim and I work to :)

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist (of sorts!)

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