The joys and wonders of no budget productions!

Can I start by saying that a lot of exceptional music has been made. and some of it successfully, with little or no budget, and by using home recording studios, such are the capabilities of modern technology. Our album is outstanding without a doubt, (and that isn't just Tim or I saying it), and it has been made on a shoestring, although both our studios have been built over a number of years with considerable investment.

However, now the fun really begins!

Having called in favours from some very talented musician friends, a brilliant graphic designer and the odd celebrity to help us along the way, we now have to market and promote it with little or no budget. Unfortunately PR companies and radio pluggers don't work for free or do 'favours'.

I started out with a new global distributor this week and already all the 'additional costs' are starting to pop-up, such as if you want to "add a video", or "conduct a publicity campaign". Then of course there was the website upgrade, domain costs and the ridiculous additional costs if you want a working mailbox associated with that domain!

I spent nearly all day yesterday, just locating a few email addresses for DJ's and radio stations in the USA, Canada and the UK that might give our first single a spin. Generally, the online stations are very friendly and helpful, but few have enough listeners on their own, to get anywhere near a hit release. So volume is the key and that takes a lot of time and effort. It is highly unlikely that a new artist would get playlisted on their debut release by the likes of BBC Radio 2 for example. (Unless you happen to be with a very big record label)

Then there are newspaper 'music biz sections', magazines, television shows, blogging and vlogging sites, influencers etc. To contact them all would take a lifetime if you are working alone without the info and contacts you need. So what is the answer?

Well the easy route of course, is to give away a very large percentage of your ownership of the songs, to a record label or publishing company and get them to do all this for you, on the basis of a small percentage of something, is probably going to be worth more than 100% of nothing! But have you ever TRIED getting a record deal?

So I guess it's noses to the grindstone, get moving on all the social networks and do it all ourselves, or maybe sell a slice of Remote Highway Records to someone with some working capital to hand!

Onwards and upwards.

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Jack of all trades!

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