The Freya Wolf album is nearing completion!

Release date for Just Another Day moved to February 2022 We are nearing completion of Freya Wolf's forthcoming album, but due to some additional session musician contributions, we have rescheduled release for February 2022.

The album is sounding really good and we now have TWO tracks featuring the brilliant Marc Ribler, guitarist and Musical Director with Stevie Van Zandt's Disciples of Soul. Marc has graced the stage alongside Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney to name just two music legends and we are honoured that he is working with us on this project. He loves Freya's vocals!

Freya has co-written most of the tracks with Hall of Fame songwriter Ross Hemsworth, and two have already been picked-up by well known US music publishers who specialise in placing music into film and TV shows.

Keep watching @RemoteHighway on Twitter for more news soon.

Regards Remote Highway Music

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