Tall Stories on Short Street!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Yes I know it's the album title, but it's also the title track and an epic song, at over 7 minutes long, and today I have had the unenviable job of mixing what we have so far, and getting the best out of everything recorded to date (and that's quite a lot!) whilst disposing of what didn't work. There are still some BV's (backing vocals) to come and possibly a new outro although I remain undecided on that.

Tall Stories on Short Street tells the all too familiar story of a Vietnam war veteran, dumped by his government when he was no longer of use to them and left homeless on a street in New York. He eats and drinks only when people are kind enough to throw Dollars into his hat, as he entertains the busy passers-by with his stories (often greatly exaggerated) about his war exploits.

One cold dark and rainy night, he has had enough and decides to end it all, but do those regular passers-by even notice he has gone? His sleeping bag and the dog bowl of his companion and best friend, remain there, but all that remains of him, is a shadow on the shutter door where he slept. Is it his ghost? Is it our imagination? Does anyone REALLY care?

I wrote this back in 2012 and only now have I decided the time is right to give the song life in the capable hands of Tim Bragg, who I knew could do the track justice.

We tried our best to get Nils Lofgren to play guitar on this. Were we successful? You'll have to wait until July 31st to find out, when we announce the names of all the special guests that have all kindly given their services free of charge during the making of this album ;)

We're nearly done with the recording part now and it's getting quite exciting!

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Dreamer and Story-teller!

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