Somerset UK to Nagoya Japan in 30 seconds!

I may have mentioned before, that I am somewhat of a technophobe and still catching up with modern technology. That said, I run my own studio using a Reaper DAW together with a UR22 interface and know how to use it as a producer. However, I have never once been arsed to pick up and read the manual! The Youtube tutorials are great though :)

It has always amazed me though, that musicians and vocalists can be miles apart and make music together using this modern tech. Today however, was a real blast when an Australian guitarist now living in Japan, was sending me files for the title track of the album. via These files were moving to and fro in as little as 30 seconds! He would record a piece and send it to me before I could even respond to his last email!

We seem to have come a long way since the days of Abbey Road studios and a live take on four or eight tracks! George Martin would have been scratching his head in disbelief at some of the possibilities today, had he of had a peek into the future when he was making those first Beatles albums!

Whilst I am aware this is an independent album, made with no budget and no big record company promotional backing, it's as good as anything I have heard in recent years, and although I am obviously biased, it isn't just me saying it! It deserves to get major radio and TV attention and global exposure. As a former radio 'plugger' and radio presenter myself for a while, I know a hit when I hear it, and there are at least three of them on this album!

So, if you know anyone in A&R then give them a link to this website and put them in touch.

Have a great weekend.

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist of sorts!

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