Someone help, my ass is on fire!

Yes it has been a very busy day and at one point, it really did feel like my 'ass' was on fire (to use the 'American English' version of the word) That annoys me too, according to my computer there is 'American' English, and 'International' English, but it doesn't give an option for an ENGLISH English! Well that really mucks up my spell-checks and auto=corrects. It even puts a Z in unauthorized grammer! But I digress.

Today I have been running between the studio to do music stuff and my main computer room to do website, marketing, PR and video stuff! I feel like I really don't know what day of the week it is. I feel like some fitness guru is going to appear around the corner at any moment saying "come on Ross, no pain no gain!" Then everytime I start to write the blog, a series of pop-up message windows asking me questions, suddenly appear all over the screen and yes you guessed it...... computer says NO! Everything freezes and I give a series of expletives before heading for the studio beer fridge! Such is life making an album and trying to do the work of the record label, the video company, the PR and marketing team and the music publisher! Oh and did I mention building the website?

At last however, I can tell you the release dates, firstly of the debut single Side by Side, which will drop on Friday July 3rd, followed by the album launch on Friday July 31st. The distribution as things stand, will be via Ditto Music, which in simple terms means, everywhere in the digital world from Apple to Spotify, I-Tunes to Google and beyond! It will all be available on our website too, at

You can get a sneak peak at the video for the single on the MEDIA page of the website right now!

The artwork is 3D and is looking tremendous and, when completed, those of you who regularly visit the website, will be the first to see it! So as Shaw Taylor used to say on Police 5, "Keep 'em Peeled"! Of course, I'm not old enough to remember him, but my Grandad told me ;)

Have a great weekend people.

Ross Hemsworth

Producer, Songwriter and Beer Fridge Owner!

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