So who ARE the 'special guests'?

We have been taunting you all for some weeks about the 'special guests' featured on our forthcoming album and some people are already jumping to conclusions....

Many of you will have seen our conversations on Twitter trying to attract some of the world's top guitarists to remotely record on a number of tracks and I can reveal that some did message us back privately, but who actually took part?

Quite a few of you have asked us if Mark Knopfler is playing on Track 3, entitled Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You)......

Well sorry to be a party-pooper, but you will have to wait until the release date of Friday July 31st before we tell you!

Recording these days is quite different to how it was when I began producing many moons ago. The technology now available, meant that all of our guest contributors were able to play their parts in the comfort of their own home studios around the world and send the files to us via the Net. We were then able to slot their contributions into place before mixing, smoothly and simply into the track.

Our very talented backing vocalist Freya Wolf, was then sent the tracks with instructions and guidelines of what we required from her, and she delivered brilliantly, often with a lot more than we asked for and using some excellent initiative for some great ad lib work. Normally, I work with backing vocalists live in my studio where I can direct them, but with the lockdown, this wasn't possible. So this was a very different but interesting experience for me, and a very pleasing one judging by the end results.

Initial reactions to the album are continuing to be extremely good, with many radio stations promising airplay on the run-up to the release date, but everyone's favourite thus far, seems to be the title track itself Tall Stories on Short Street, alas at over 7 minutes long, probably too long to be a single, but then some of the classics over time, have been album tracks never released as singles!

So now we wait!

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Plucker of strings!

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