So now the fun really begins!

As we fast approach the release date for the album, it is now that the hard work REALLY begins.

Anyone who has ever released their own music or run a small independent record label, will know of the costs, pressures, thrills and heartbreak you can face on that rollercoaster of a journey. It's not just about making the music, which is the fun part, but about how you get it heard by the people that may actually buy it!

You don't have the budget for big PR firms like the major labels or for large promotional events to promote your music. One PR firm quoted me £7500 a couple of weeks back, and said "we would love to be involved with your great music and have an available slot". I asked them that if they were that enthusiastic, would they do it for a percentage of sales revenue - strangely enough, I have not heard from them again since! ;)

This week we have paid out for some promotional merchandise and 'printed materials' to accompany the album into some of the bigger radio networks and there will no doubt be more costs as we get closer to the 31st July release date.

These costs come at a time where most of us are either furloughed, or struggling to keep a day job in these troubled times. So finding the money, no matter how little it seems, is extremely difficult. So we have been approaching companies who specialise in licencing and promoting labels on a regional and/or global basis in the hope we will get at least a little help, albeit we have to give away some of the rights so that THEY get paid too. But a risk often worth taking if they have a good and proven track record. Our shirt = your shirt so to speak!

Some people would give up at this stage, but I am a fighter and a very hard worker with the kind of skills needed for this kind of adventure. So I will find a way, and the universe has a magical way of providing, just when you need it the most.

Let that rollercoaster ride begin!

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Miracle lover!

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