Returning to normality just doesn't seem right!

The year 2020 has been anything BUT 'normal'.

The year started with isolation, somewhat earlier than everyone else, because I had picked up a bug that resembled the Coronavirus. It turned out not to be, but my doctor decided that I should stay at home for two weeks just in case. Only a short while later, everyone was locked down! But that just brought out my creative juices.

I guess I am a wannabee 'recluse' and would love to be wealthy enough to own a large farmhouse with some outbuildings, tucked away in either Southern France, or the South West of England, just making music, living off our own organic food and giving my wife all the lovely things in life that she deserves. (She is always treating me to gifts!) I have a very small circle of 'real' friends who would be regularly invited to BBQ's and into my recording studio, but apart from those real friends, my wife and our cats are all the company I really need.

Today I finished the final mastering for the album I have been making with Tim Bragg and whilst I am looking forward to a bit of a break now we have finished the project, returning to a 'normal working life', just seems a daunting thought right now.

The lockdown has shown me that there is more to life, and life in itself is very short and can end at any time. But with bills to pay and very little chance of music ever producing enough of an income to give me the lifestyle I would choose, back to the day job it is!

First however, is the laborious job of marketing and promoting the album, as we can't afford to get anyone else to do it! I have been teaching myself a lot of the social networking aspects, and in the first few days on Pinterest, managed to get over a thousand hits, so I'm off to a decent start.

I just hope all of you reading this will buy the album when it is released on Friday July 31st and at least Tim and I will then be justified in our belief that this is the best work either of us have done in a very long time.

I have enjoyed working with Tim, he has taught me to be more meticulous in the way I work and makes me work harder to get that great end result. I hope he can also say he has learned from me in many ways too. Now, what was I saying at the start of the blog?

Normality? What's that?

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist and part-time perfectionist!

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