Out this Friday June 11th

Well, it's nearly time..... This Friday, we officially release the debut single from Freya Wolf, This Man is Mine which will be available from all good download and streaming sites including Amazon Music, Deezer, CDBaby, Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify and many more.

There's been a lot of hard work going on in the background, recording more tracks for her album Just Another Day, due for release later this year. Watch out for some BIG and very exciting NEWS on this soon!!

Freya has been busy doing radio interviews, photo sessions, songwriting and recording and will be soon posting her own blog to keep fans fully up to date with her progress and forthcoming live appearances.

It is a joy to work with an artist who puts in so much effort and hard work and is always bringing new and exciting ideas to the table. One of the benefits of signing to a small label, is the creative input we give to our artists.

We are getting a lot of support from regional and international radio stations, but could always use more, especially from the UK's larger stations. You can help by emailing and texting your favourite shows and requesting Freya's single.

Together, let's help give Freya the success her talent deserves.

Ross Hemsworth Remote Highway Music

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