One man went to mow.......

...Went to mow an ORCHARD! Well, a meadow might have been overdoing it a little on day 1 of a new post-lockdown 'fitness regime'

After sitting in a recording studio for months, making the album, I added a few pounds to my already 'portly' shape and when I found I couldn't get into most of my varying types of trousers, I realised some fairly drastic measures needed to be taken! So last night, I found a pair that did still go around the waist, although cutting off my blood stream in places, and I took a walk out to a local reservoir, just over and hour, there and back.

Today, the better half suggested I help her at a local farmhouse, helping some friends doing a little 'light gardening'. This involved mowing a mighty apple orchard. Motor mower I asked? Yes she replied, so no problem I thought. However on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year in the UK so far, this mower's self-propelling motor wasn't working, so it needed pushing through fairly long grass! I was doing okay for a while, albeit the sweat was running down my face faster than a nearby hosepipe! Then, without any warning, my legs did their own thing and I was on the floor! Where 'muscle' once was. there was now Rowntrees jelly and worst of all, it would not respond to my instructions. Nobody noticed me on the ground and not wanting to look like a wimp, I hauled myself up and staggered to a nearby table, stating I was just having a drink and taking a five minute rest!

No pain, no gain the fitness guru's tell us! If that's the case, I must have gained something today, but as I sank into a lukewarm Radox bath back at home, it certainly didn't feel like I had gained anything other than light sunstroke and pains in places I'd forgotten I had!

Before leaving this morning, the wife and I had packed all the promotional USB Flash Drives for BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, so I had done my album work for the day. I had also mixed and sent off three tracks to an interested music publisher on a different project, so I felt I deserved to be allowed out for a while!

Tomorrow, I shall continue the mowing and punishing my body yet further, because I'm buggered if I'm paying out for a whole new wardrobe!

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Part-Time Gardener!

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