One last spin of the dice?

So, as the title says, we are taking one last spin of the dice and releasing what we believe, is the best track on the album, as the third, and probably final, single.

The album's title track Tall Stories on Short Street, is nearly seven minutes long and is excellent value to download at just $0.99 and we would ask all our friends and followers to publicise it for us across their social networks, in a bid to bring this excellent album to people's attention. Please share the link to this blog. DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE HERE

The album has been widely ignored by radio stations in the UK and Europe, probably in the main because of our joint ages, and also because we are "unknown indie artists". Such is the sad state of broadcasting in this modern age.

We would all do well to remember that most rock icons of today started as unknown independent acts, and only found success when they were picked up by major record labels who pumped serious money into their recording, promotion and marketing. Very few became major rock or pop stars on their own record labels without large financial backing!

Tim Bragg and I work well together and write some great material, and the musicians and backing vocalists that gave their time free of charge, all deserve to see at the very least, recognition via airplay and reviews, but there has been very little from the stations that matter for sales, and we know that is not because the album isn't good enough :( We would of course, welcome enquiries from major record labels, or investors in our own label, to enable a budget for record pluggers and PR/Marketing etc!

So I shall finish as I began, this is one last throw of the dice, I doubt very much as things stand, that there will be a fourth single. :(

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Disappointed Artist.

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