Old Lives Matter!

I guess while we're on a theme, we should have a look at the way the older generation are currently being blamed for everything from being a drain on the hard-working taxpayer and voting for Brexit, to spreading Corona virus! So let me defend the cause!

Your honour, I stand here today in defence of the older generation, and I put it to you, that the facts are clear for everyone who cares to research them to see. Namely that, 1) most elderly people have paid honestly into the tax coffers for most of their working lives, (often over 50 years) and paid National Insurance contributions (NI) to pay for their pensions and NHS 'entitlement', so how can they then be called a 'drain' on the taxpayer?. 2) Most of the people my age (over 60) that I know, actually voted to STAY in the EU, and not for Brexit as has been claimed by media sources, and 3), whilst the elderly may be more susceptible to Covid19, most have adhered strictly to the lockdown rules and stayed indoors protecting themselves and others, unlike much of the younger generation.

The problem as I see it, is the government generate many press releases, that most media sources take as read, and print without fact-checking. Gone it seems, are the days of investigative journalism. As in the USA, it seems British press are also now facing bans from government press calls, if they don't toe the line! So with our Prime Minister being 'advised' by a man allegedly well-known known for his very strong belief in Eugenics and a leaning towards the elderly being part of the 'economically inactive' sector of society, we are being led to believe that the elderly are 'disposable'.

We all grow old, including those whose voices are shouting the loudest against people over 60 and believe me, when you pass 30, that clock speeds up! Anyone old enough to remember the film Logans Run, may want to think what that could mean by the time they reach 'that age'.

But let me give my closing arguments your honour. Some of the best music you will hear, is still made by people rocking the world's stadia in their 60's and 70's, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Eagles etc. Capt Tom Moore walked around his garden at 100 years old, raising over £1 million for the NHS during lockdown, becoming one of the most active fundraisers of our age. Dame Judi Dench has been a stand-out figure in her work for theatre and TV during her entire working career, but she only became a household name in her 60s. Most of all perhaps, the younger members of our society owe perhaps the biggest debt to the generations before them, who gave them life, often struggled financially to bring them up, get them a good education and see them safely into adulthood. We must appreciate the older generation and thank them in so many ways.

Let's knock #AGEISM out of the entertainment industry and out of LIFE, right now. I ask that this court outlaws ageism and all it stands for. Old Lives Matter!

Your honour, the defence rests its case.

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Anti-Ageism Campaigner.

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