Now the hard work REALLY begins and YOU can help..

Making an album can be fun, writing the music, playing instruments, hearing the songs coming together when other musicians and vocalists add their parts. This week we have been working with backing vocalists who contribute so much to a song, often without the recognition they rightly deserve, but beyond this, begins perhaps the hardest parts of the project.

This morning I have been looking at the second drafts of the album cover artwork which is really now taking shape, but there is still work to do, but how do you say that to a man who is giving up his time to do it all as a favour for no payment? But this guy is GOOD and loves projects like this and has done so much artwork for me in the past, so thankfully, he doesn't hate me (yet) for saying it!

Then of course, we move on to setting the release date, working on PR and social network promotion, and trying to break down one of the tallest fences in the music industry, that of persuading radio and TV producers to give us airtime on a global scale. This is both time-consuming and arduous in itself and is why major labels allocate often massive budgets, to get professional assistance in this overly competitive sector of the industry. As an independent label with no budget to speak of, this is where most great albums and singles, sink and drown.

We have some added ammunition, in that we have persuaded some very special guests to appear on the album, playing remotely from their homes during the lockdown all without charging us any fee, but so far we have failed to attract our No. 1 target, the brilliant Nils Lofgren to bring one particular track to life in only a way that HE can. (We haven't totally given up yet though!)

So, as we move into the next and hardest stage of the project, can I ask everyone reading this blog, to #SHARE the page widely on your social network platforms and help us attract the visibility and assistance we need in these final stages up to release? We sure would appreciate that.

Thank you all.

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Occasional guitarist and alleged doer of the impossible!

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