Live gigs online, do YOU watch them?

I have been asked to put together a 'watch party' (I believe that's what the young'uns call them), online, with Tim, myself and some special guests who have featured on the album, performing live, or 'as live', some of the tracks from the much-talked about, forthcoming album Tall Stories on Short Street.

Personally, I'd be up for doing something like this, but would anyone watch it? I mean most people have never heard of us, and the radio and PR campaigns haven't even started yet, so if you are reading today's blog and thinking, yes that would be fun, then please email us HERE and let me know.

I watched an online performance the other day featuring the brilliant Stevie Van Zandt for a charitable appeal and really enjoyed it, but it was just one song. People's attention spans these days are so short, they rarely stay tuned for a whole 3 minute Youtube video, so how could we expect to keep them hooked for 3 or 4 songs?

Another factor is, people are now returning to work and therefore have less spare time on their hands to sit at home watching these live online broadcasts, as #lockdown slowly draws to a close.

People who have heard the album are making astonishing comments such as "this could become a classic of its time", which is quite amazing and of course, extremely exciting for Tim and I. However, the marketplaces we have been told to aim for with this kind of material, are the USA, Canada, Japan, Scandinavia and Australia, so that poses a few time-zone issues for any live broadcast online.

I remain undecided bearing in mind all of the above, but I guess it would be great fun to do anyway, so should I really be worried about the numbers tuning in? Probably not. The reason - I make music because I love the process, I enjoy seeing and hearing an idea come to life, I never really expect to make money from it, so perhaps I should make the live stream for the same reason!

Watch this space! Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Radio-Producer-Harasser and occasional PR chap ;)

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