Just a Step Away from joy......

It's been a busy week preparing for the big release next Friday! Both the album and the second single Step Away, hit the online sites on July 31st and we hope you are all going to support them by adding copies to your music collection!

The album Tall Stories on Short Street features twelve great tracks for just $9.99 or you can download individual songs at just $0.99 each.

Step Away (click to hear it) sees Tim channeling his best Van Morrison vocal and it really is a radio friendly track so we are hoping for a good airplay and YOU can help! Email your local, national and online radio stations asking them to play the track and if they don't have it already, tell us and we'll send them a copy of the album!

My personal favourite remains the title track itself Tall Stories on Short Street with the amazing guitar skills of John Goodland, an Australian guitarist now living in Nagoya in Japan, who recorded all his parts remotely during the lockdown. I played the acoustic line and some of the backing keyboards, but alas, at over 7 minutes long, it's the least likely to get airplay! The main piano is by Mike Marshall from South Somerset, who I do a lot of co-writing with.

A number of radio stations are already playing Liberty, which looks like being the third single from the album, and narrowly missed being chosen as the second after taking a number of knowledgable views on board.

There are so many differing styles on the album, there really is something for everyone from soulful ballads to rock, country and even a great reggae track! We hope you'll all support us and buy a copy! You can pre-order the album NOW on Itunes and all good online music stores.

Ross Hemsworth

Just a Step Away from yoy!

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