Juggling with tea in my hand!

This week will be spent mainly undertaking an online course for the 'day job', as not many musicians earn enough from their music to have the luxury of making it a full-time occupation. So some 'juggling' may be needed in order to make 30 hours work fit into a 24 hour day. Sleep you ask? What's that? I answer.

Someone once told me that "running your own business is great, you only have to work half days, and you get to choose which 12 hours your work!" (7 days a week of course). My day job involves running my own business, sub-contracting my services to third parties, but music fits into this, and has to fit around the core activity, which is often very difficult. 12 hours? The guy lied!

There is a track on our album called Fairground Ride (my personal favourite) and lately it has been somewhat of a rollercoaster trying to meet deadlines, deal with the website, sort out PR, radio promotion and printing etc, around the few spare hours in a day/night, that I may be able to find. So perhaps a trip to the circus instead, to work on the skills of a juggler, may be apt!

Like any good Englishman, I live on tea and can't start my day properly until at least three good-size mugs of said drink have been poured into this creaking old body! Yorkshire Tea is the only way forward! I have never understood coffee drinkers, the stuff tastes awful to me, and you can't dip a digestive in it and get the same great taste, but I guess it's each to his/her own.

Anyway, once again I digress. This week I must try and find a way of doing a very large radio mailshot, some of which has to go the 'old-fashioned way' by post, so padded envelopes, stamps and colour brochures are involved (more expense!) All of this around the coursework. However, there are seeminly hundreds of thousands of radio stations across the world, all of which need to be researched to see who plays new music, this kind of music and actually LIKES our music. I need an assistant!

Perhaps this week, some kind-hearted PR person will walk into my life and say, "I'll do all that, I won't charge you a penny, just give me a small percentage if it sells" Then I wake-up and realise I am just a dreamer.

Ah well, second cup of tea consumed whilst typing blog, which has worked up a thirst for cup number three! Living the dream huh? Now where's that toaster.....

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Over-worked and underpaid lackey! ;)

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