I listened to the album today!

As a Songwriter and a Producer, you hear your songs a LOT of times before they are finished and yes, you do on occasions, grow sick of hearing some of them so many times, no matter how good they may be. So after a few weeks resting my ears, I listened to the whole album today driving back from Exeter to my home in Somerset, and have to say, I was very pleased with it!

I may have mixed some of them a little differently now, but that may not have made them better, just different. Perhaps the mastering process affected those final mixes I thought, but in most cases, I think it improved them.

I got to thinking what it must be like for those mega-famous pop and rock stars having to perform their hits over and over again when they are on tour, and how difficult that must be at times. The audience WANT to hear them and they want to hear them as they were on the radio, not 'new versions' that please the artist. The artists therefore, has to deliver it the way the ticket-paying fan wants. That can't always be easy.

Over the years, I have played in a lot of cover bands and people always wanted to hear the hits as close to the original as possible, throw in a couple of your own songs and you can lose that audience very quickly.

When I launched my own originals band Temptation Road a few years ago, I remember a woman in the audience asking me in the break, if we knew any songs that the audience would be familiar with and that she could dance to! I explained that this was not the point of our band and she went on to tell us how the music scene works lol! Even the Beatles were a covers band when they started out, so maybe she was right, as sad as it sounds!

I will (hopefully) do more live gigs when this whole Covid thing is over, maybe a band, maybe a duo, that is if pubs and live music venues survive. I hope that in amongst some great cover versions, I can perform some originals too, but we'll have to wait and see.

Once again I digress... the album remains something that I am VERY proud of and I hope one day, covers bands will be performing one or two of our tracks! Wouldn't THAT be fun.

Ross Hemsworth

Sonwriter/Producer/Strummer of Strings!

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