Haircut and a face mask? A virus for the weekend sir?

We live in very strange times indeed.

At the weekend, the hairdressers and barber shops were allowed to open again in the UK, and now they all seem to have appointments stretching well into next week, such is the rush for people to get their hair looking tidy after months of isolation and lockdown!

My own hair only grows so long before it begins growing OUTWARDS giving the appearance of having horns! I guess that's why I too have been looking for a barber that can fit me in sometime soon. However, is there something we are forgetting here?

Is VANITY really more important than our health? The virus is still out there actively seeking new hosts, so is having a haircut really worth risking your life for?

Most barbers and hairdressers are working by appointment only with a necessity for face masks, and only one customer in the shop at a time. Does this not alert us to the obvious risks involved?

We all need to earn a living to pay the bills, and the hair profession are no different but are our government perhaps, relaxing the lockdown too soon?

There are still 'idiots' out there saying it's all a hoax, despite people losing family and friends to Covid19 and hospital staff confirming that this virus is VERY real, but the sight of crowds in major cities over the weekend, as the pubs reopened and people spilled out onto the streets, seems to confirm that many just don't seem to care. Social distancing? I don't think so!

So I am now torn, I do badly need a haircut, but do I need it THAT much? Probably not, but as I said at the start of this blog, we live in VERY strange times.

Ross Hemsworth


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