Guitars, and why you should never sell one!

I once owned a special edition guitar made by the legendary Tony Zemaitis. I bought it in the late 70's or very early 80's when he had an order cancelled and it was offered to me. A few years later, I was forced to sell it because of some overdue bills, and I got £300 for it, which seemed reasonable back then. Imagine my horror then, when I saw a similar one recently selling for £20,000 on Ebay! I can almost see Nils Lofgren cringing as he reads this!

I vowed a long time ago, that I would never sell another guitar, yet I have let a Flying V and a lovely heavy wood EKO electric, with a beautiful tone, both slip through my hands when money has been tight, or a decent 'swap' offer has come in! Recently however, I have sworn I will NEVER sell any of my current collection!

I got lucky last year, when my current wife spotted a Gibson Les Paul T Edition in a furniture shop window for £395. Apparently someone who worked there's father was selling it. She texted me with photos, serial number etc. as I was away on tour at the time, it all checked out so she bought it for me. It was recently valued at around £1500. (That girl's a keeper!) The Les Paul is very prominent on my personal favourite track on the forthcoming album, Fairground Ride.

I also treated myself to a lovely 2nd hand Taylor acoustic, when I returned home from the Bryan Adams tour in 2018, I have to say, THAT guitar appears on many tracks on the new album! It is my current favourite. It 'sings' and seems to almost play itself.

My Fender Telecaster Nashville Special Edition (Mexico build) had to feature on SIDE BY SIDE a Springsteen-style track! (Dedicated to the late great Clarence 'Big Man' Clemons) After all, what does The Boss play most? ;)

Guitars are addictive and you can never have too many guitars in my opinion, but I do need a bigger house to keep them in now, so I either need a big hit album or a jackpot win on the lottery to buy that remote farmhouse I have always dreamed of! Both of which seem very unlikely at the moment, but who knows. But whatever happens, NEVER sell those guitars people!

Ross Hemsworth Producer/Songwriter/Strummer!

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