Gonna write a classic, but maybe not in an attic.....

The words of Adrian Gurvitz...... But I wonder when he wrote that global hit, if he really thought he had written a classic song that would stand the test of time, and probably make him a few quid along the way?

All songwriters dream of that big hit song that will showcase their talents to the world and many hope to become rich and famous from doing so. But personally, I would prefer the money to the notoriety! Maybe the years have changed me, because once, I did seek fame, but after a period working with celebrities in the management game, I saw such fame destroy the lives of so many people, and make them a magnet to all the wrong kind of hangers-on. The kind of people who attach themselves to the rich and famous, will eagerly help them spend their fortune, but are rarely in sight when it's gone. They seem to have a love for hanging with celebrities and being seen with them, and calling them 'friends'. However, in my book, real friends are the people that want nothing from you and are there through good times and bad.

So, if one (or more) of my songs became big hits, what would I do? Well, I have always said I have a bit of the 'recluse' in me, so I think the wife and I, together with our cats, would find a nice secluded property and maybe set up a cat rescue centre! Of course, there would have to be a recording studio on-site to feed my ongoing creativity, because so many things inspire me to write music and hopefully that would never stop. But I would still keep my current circle of friends, which is purposely quite small, because my wariness of other people would protect me from getting too close to 'new friends' who happen to just turn up, around the time of success or arrival of money!

None of us know what is around the corner, or what the future may hold, but one thing I hope, is that if I haven't already written a classic, maybe I will before I die!

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Dreamer!

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