Freya Wolf - Just Another Day

Drops April 29th 2022

It's been a year in the making, but the release date is now confirmed and the promotional campaign is underway! I have to say, that I believe this to be one of the best bodies of work I have ever been involved in making as both a songwriter and as a producer.

Freya has been a joy to work with and working as a songwriting team has kept us both focused and aiming for the very best we can get out of every song. Not every composition made it to the final twelve, but those that did all have single potential and that makes this like having a greatest hits album before the hits even start arriving!

It will be released on Friday April 29th via #DittoMusic distribution and available on all good streaming and download platforms.

The album features Marc Ribler playing guitar on two tracks and bass on one! Marc has graced the stage with legends such as Paul McCartney and Burce Springsteen and is guitarist and Musical Director for Stevie Van Zandt's Disciples of Soul!

Four of the twelve tracks have already been signed-up by music publishers in the USA who have a great track record of placing music into films and TV shows, so you may hear one of these tracks soon in the cinema or on your favourite TV series! I would also like to thank the other musicians and backing vocalists that contributed to the album including the amazingly talented Sean McBride, Tim Bragg, Mike Marshall, Felicity Bush, and Cat Lake Benson.

I have now picked up the label's option for a second album with Freya, so we are certainly looking at this as a long-term project.

To find out more about Freya, take a look at our artists page on the website

Ross Hemsworth Remote Highway Music

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