Do 'famous' people ever read this blog?

It seems that we as a society, seem constantly fascinated by what celebrities are up to, especially any 'scandal' exposed by the media. (I do not include myself in this statement) But who knows when a celebrity is actually checking you out?

I remember some years ago, I was commenting on a website asking people's thoughts on ghosts, UFO's and other anomalous phenomena, and a site member with the user name '#ChrisOnABike' replied on a thread. Nothing unusual there I guess, until it was later revealed the user name was an alias for non-other than pop star Robbie Williams, who later publicly declared his interest in the UFO phenomena. I met Robbie some time later at a UFO conference in Nevada where I was a guest speaker.

Because so many people online use aliases to hide their real identity, especially #stalkers (and I have a few of them), one cannot ever be certain who is really following you on social networks, or subscribing to your news feeds, which makes me wonder, if any 'famous' people follow this blog. (Well actually, I know a few who do, but that's a secret I will keep with me!)

I know a number of well-known 'celebrities' who use aliases when checking into hotels when on tour for example, so I guess they also hide their real identities most of the time when posting online. Many pop stars' social network pages are actually run by their staff and they themselves, probably rarely read the feeds, but there are some notable exceptions. But the public at large believe they are talking to them directly, maybe in many cases, they are!

Anyway I digress once again! The point of my blog is that I actually work in a world where I mix with world famous pop and rock stars on a regular basis and I can tell you that most of them, are just normal people with two arms, two legs and a love of life. There are of course, those who feel they are well above talking to 'normal people', but most are ordinary down to Earth folk, just doing the job they love.

I had my 'five minutes of fame' when I presented my own TV and radio talk show some years ago and was lead investigator in the UKTV series Ghost Detectives, presented by former Dr Who Tom Baker. However, I was a musician before that and continue to be today, because rich, poor, famous or unknown, "music was my first love and it will be my last" as John Miles once said.

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Musician/One time Ghost Detective!

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