Customer Service that doesn't make the grade!

Paypal! Have you ever dealt with their customer service department? It's an 'experience' I can tell you, and certainly not a good one in my humble opinion.

Last week, I paid a printer by Paypal, for a job he did for us. The transaction was done from Somerset England, to the printer, also in Somerset England. However, when he lost more than he should have in Paypal fees, I knew something was amiss. So I contacted Paypal's 'support' team (I use that term VERY loosely) and they told me (after about five message-centre standard replies), that it was because it was paid in U.S. Dollars and this was a 'cross-border' fee. It was paid in POUNDS Sterling!

I have lived in Somerset for many years and so has the printer concerned, and neither of us can find this UK/USA border that Paypal seems to think exists, within our county. So I told Paypal, that try as I might, I cannot locate the border that they refer to. They replied with "the transaction incurred cross-border fees". Hmmmm

To cut a very long story short, most of yesterday was spent trying to get some kind of sensible reply or response from Paypal, but alas by the end of my working day, I had no option but to invoice them for my wasted time and demand a refund in full of these 'cross-border transaction fees".

So imagine my mood this morning when my first email was from Paypal saying there were THREE messages from their support team, in the message centre. I logged on and it was in fact, three 'paragraphs' all of which were relating to the fact that these were "Paypal fees for a cross-border transaction"! Sigh...

Last night I had sent them screen shots of the transaction (in UK Pounds), another of the fact that my account is set-up in UK Pounds Sterling and a third of the balance of the monies owed to the printer, which by then I had transferred to him via my bank!

I will be closing my Paypal account today because let's face it, any company that operates their customer support in this way, doesn't deserve to get ANY business in my opinion. If my invoice isn't paid by them within the given time, they may also find themselves incurring court fees, legal charges and a possible County Court Judgement against their company (which may affect their credit status!) ;) Rant over! Ross Hemsworth BA (Hons) Law & Social Sciences Songwriter/Producer/Hater of poor customer service!

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