CD's v Vinyl v MP3's

Over my many years as a musician and songwriter, I have seen music go from vinyl to CD and more recently to MP3 digital downloads, but which do YOU prefer?

Tall Stories on Short Street was released initially JUST as an MP3 digital download or stream, but to be honest, I would like to see the album released on CD and limited edition vinyl. However, working with zero budget makes that impossible.

Just to print up 500 CD's (replicated not duplicated for best quality) would cost us around £500 with photo-ready artwork, covers, wrapping and of course the CD's themselves. Then there is the cost of vinyl if we decide to make the "old fashioned" LP, which is now becoming very popular again, so we would need to raise over £1000 plus the cost of postage out to radio and other media :(

As neither Tim nor I can afford such an outlay, we are considering setting up a "Go-Fund-Me" page where those chipping in larger amounts, get initial signed copies and publicity on the website. Would any of you reading this be interested? Could that work?

It's not a lot of money to raise, but in these difficult times, it may be impossible for many ordinary folk to contribute, no matter how good they think the album is. However, if a couple of well-known and very successful music business names, each threw £500 into this, we could do it as soon as next week, but would they, that is the question?

Many well known musicians and celebrities claim to support independent music, and here's a chance perhaps, to walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk. Let's see who comes forward (if any).

The feedback on the album proves what we have thought all along, that this is a very good production, full of great songs and worthy of the backing of a larger label, but so far, no such label has stepped forward with an offer! Does this mean that no A&R man has the ability to identify great music? No of course not, it just means we have to work harder to get airplay and PROVE that point, so we believe CD's and vinyl may be that next step.

Who's up for offering some help?

Ross Hemsworth


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