'Can you see the real me – can you?'

What is real? I hear you ask. (What a wonderful diversion that would make.) But, keeping on track, when you look at me – what is my reality? When we look in the mirror – what is our reality? I often think that lyrics give me away. As I'm always singing (I was dubbed the 'walking disco' at my first 'real' and fairly short-lived job), songs and lyrics spill forth with abandon. I often make up my own silly rhymes too. Silly rhymes won't tell you much about me other than, at times, I can be very silly. But listen to the lyrics I sing. They're like a spout from my soul. Whoosh! There you go. 'O Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.' Whatever is swishing about in both the murky depths and delightful, playful, waters of my soul will shoot out - no barriers, no moral correctness – but rather the use of any song's rich lexicon. Song lyrics are to me what hypnosis is to a psychiatrist. Except I am not consciously looking for their meaning or an interpretation. But. It is true to say that sometimes I become fully aware WHY I am singing certain lyrics.

Can you imagine living in some dystopian world where your singing (and use of lyrics) is used to 'catch you out'. 'Mama I just killed a man...' Well that's you nicked sonny. But that's too overt – too obvious. Now I have a scramble of lyrics in my head – but as I'm not sallying forth, vocal cords warbling (do one's cords warble?) and bellowing out these lyrics, I shall stay mute and write nowt. Other than I like this idea. Perhaps in this world there would be a drug that would induce folk to sing. That in itself would be pleasant though used for nefarious reasons! I sing in shops, on the streets – well anywhere. I wonder if folk appreciate this?

Do lyrics reveal my soul? Or if that's a tad pretentious – let's say my unconscious desires/thoughts/feelings? I rather like the idea. To sing well you have to 'let go'. No point in being tight, vocally or posture-wise. I do often record vocals sitting down - this is primarily for ease – I can read lyrics off the screen and when doing harmonies I can easily engineer and see (as well as hear) what's going on. I have this faint memory of engineers...They're often quite dead-pan aren't they? 'You're rolling'/'Is that a take?'/'Do you want to have a listen?'/'I'm just going out for a fag'. I'm probably being unkind. Not my intention. I can sing sitting down because that's what I have to do when singing behind the drums. You just have to tighten those stomach muscles. Levon Helm did all right, didn't he? 'Ramble on/ And now's the time, the time is now/To sing my song' – well that's not Levon, of course, it's Mr Plant. But I fear I am rambling...('I've got rambling on my mind...)

Can you see the real me? Maybe not. But you can certainly hear me. If you take the time. And if you do – thank you!


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