BREAKING NEWS......Debut single by Freya Wolf!

Friday June 11th sees the release of the debut single by Freya Wolf whom many of you may remember, did most of the backing vocals on the album Tall Stories on Short Street.

Freya has an amazing soul/Motown vocal style and this first single reflects that. Co-written by Freya and myself, This Man is Mine was composed as a retro Motown style track, as we feel this musical style is well overdue a big comeback! Get a sneak preview prior to release by clicking HERE!

Freya and I hope to be out doing some gigs across the South West of the UK later this year as a duo, performing a mixture of Motown and soul covers, together with some original and new music! (Watch this space for details) Enquiries from booking agents and venues are welcome!

Freya is working with me on a raft of new material right now, and our songwriting team at Remote Highway Music, which at times also includes Tim Bragg, Michael Marshall and Alice Offley, are starting to make waves, so we are hopeful of some big breakthroughs in 2021/22.

I am also pitching my film and TV compositions to Producers and Directors currently and with the inclusion of the new Hollywood Opus Orchestrator software, there will be more of these type of compositions on the way! The new single by Freya had it's radio debut earlier this week on Radio TSFC in Stuttgart, Germany (thank you Oli!) We hope many more radio stations such as BBC Radio 2, will pick up on the track in the weeks ahead, so please, write/email/text your favourite local and national radio shows and request the song This Man is Mine by Freya Wolf and just maybe you will help us get the recognition the song deserves!

Onwards & upwards!

Ross Hemsworth

Remote Highway Music

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