Birthdays, BBQ's and burnt bangers!

Yesterday was my birthday and, as our beloved PM has now granted us a little freedom (just in time), we were allowed to visit close friends for a BBQ and birthday celebration. I have always loved barbecues but unfortunately where we currently live, we don't have the space to have one in our own garden.

When we arrived at our friends lovely farmhouse, the barbecue had already been fired-up, but was taking-off perhaps a little faster than our host had expected, which met with some amount of panic from the big fellow, although he would vehemently deny that! The flames were bellowing high above the black barrel, as the first meats dropped fat onto the charcoal and set the fire roaring. The sausages were, let's say, 'crispy', but actually tasted great! (...and yes before you ask, they WERE cooked all the way through!) At that point, our host being the kind of person who would never see any living thing deliberately hurt, spotted what he described as a 'pretty little spider' that had dropped into the heat, under the grill near where the charcoal was glowing, and he tried to rescue it!

At this stage, there was some 'language' and the visible burning of hairs on the back of his hand. Unfortunately, I have to tell you, that despite his best efforts, the spider didn't make it. (No barbecue tools were hurt in the aftermath of the 'rage' at his failure to rescue the arachnid! They landed on the soft grass!!)

In his defence, this was a new barbecue just purchased and there was a good breeze, he and his good lady are in fact fabulous hosts and the BBQ's are always great. I guess I just saw the funny side of the events which wouldn't have looked out of place in a TV sitcom!

Once again I digress. As I said, it was my birthday and I was presented with a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot by my better half, and Cointreau by our hosts, I guess everyone must think I like a drink...... Okay hands-up, I DO like a drink, in some moderation of course ;)

I am of an age where birthdays these days are more of a chance to have a drink with friends and a lovely evening out, rather than blowing out candles and getting a stack of cards through the letterbox. That said, my better half did bake me a lovely cake which we tucked into after the barbecue. We did have a great night out. lovely conversations and plenty of the falling-down water.

The weather held out so I guess we can say it was a great birthday. However, if I had one birthday wish, it would be that my current musical work with Tim Bragg, was to take-off and give us the global recognition that I firmly believe it deserves.

Music IS my life and always has been, but the recognition of my ability to put a half decent song together, has always evaded me. It would be lovely to gain that recognition before the Grim Reaper pops by to have a listen! (Hopefully though, not for a few more years yet)

Ross Hemsworth Songwriter/Producer/Fine-Booze lover ;)

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