Bang, Bang! I'm Falling Down! The Wonders of Social Media

'It's like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under.' I guess anyone that uses social media can relate to that lyric! It's more like a minefield. You think you've cleared the way – made a path for you to express your truth and then BANG! – you're lifted high and dry! 'Hey get me down from here – I'm swinging on the chandelier.' (That's my new song written then.) But seriously – it can be both a jungle and a minefield out there in 'social' media land. Watching everything you write, watching each word you use in case someone comes pouncing down. Or walking into a trap and BANG! – there you go again! But there's a lot to be said for the medium too! We are able to get our music out (and in my case my writing also). That's it's best use – positive posts – that usually get overlooked. BANG! Blimey, I'm going to have to watch my step. Creative output for all to ignore (sorry, see and engage with)! In fact there are some WONDERFUL folk in Farcebook Town who are incredibly supportive. Your role in the creative process is over-looked. It might be something YOU have said that helps us keep going – maybe inspire us to write another song which becomes highly appreciated. Your support is like the wires on a suspension bridge – without it we're (BANG!) in the river and floating down and out towards the sea. So this is just a short blog. I do feel like I'm falling down at times and tip-toeing around hidden mines. I do feel like I'm chopping my way through a near impenetrable jungle. (Bragg & Hemsworth I presume?) But such is life – it's NEVER black & white – never simply good & bad. Life comes in shades...BANG! Okay – that's me out. Cheers.

Tim Bragg

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