Attracting a BIG NAME to play on your album

It certainly isn't an easy job attempting to attract a big name guitarist to play on a small independent artist's release, that I can tell you from experience. But it's not impossible...

When Tim and I started planning out the ideas for the album and choosing songs we both felt were right for it, we knew we would have to pull in some favours from session players and backing vocalists etc as we were in the start of lockdown with no visible income other than the furlough monies from the day job! (Well in my case living in the UK anyway)

My 'day job' is in the music tour industry, which now looks dead until at least the Spring of 2021 so that's a long time without any decent income. So how could I attract a world superstar to play on the album without being able to offer him/her anything? But we wanted Nils Lofgren or David Gilmour, but although we knew that was unrealistic, it didn't stop us trying through social networks and private messages.

There were songs that we knew only a certain style of player could perform, giving the track what it needed, and of course we were very aware of being accused of 'using and abusing' the artist to get publicity to sell the album, and whilst we knew that wouldn't be a negative, it certainly was NOT our number one reason for trying. Joe Walsh once said in his most famous solo work, "leave me a message and maybe I'll call" Unfortunately for us, he didn't ;)

We did get many guest artists for the album and the names will be released on the album drop date, but we failed to attract Nils or David :( (So far anyway!) However, the whole point of this blog is..... NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK! They just might say yes :)

Ross Hemsworth Bragg & Hemsworth Still Rockin' The Lockdown.

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