As one door opens, the hinge falls off!

They say as one doors closes, another one opens, and that has certainly been the case today. I can't say much more as yet, but some disappointing news yesterday, was met with some lovely and surprising news today.

Have you ever noticed how the universe seems to deliver when you need it most, but not always quite how you would like it to! For example, an unexpected bill arrives on your doorstep in the post, or the dog/cat gets ill resulting in a large vets bill, and you have no idea how you are going to pay it. Then the following morning you get a tax rebate, or a small win on the lottery perhaps, but never quite enough to pay the bill in full. It can of course, work the other way around too! Just as you are planning to spend the unexpected windfall, that big bill arrives.

They say in life, you rarely get what you WANT, just what you NEED, and there can be a great difference between the two. My own needs are small in relation to what I thought I needed 30 years ago. Gone are the designer suits, Hugo Boss shoes, membership of London clubs and holidays abroad every five minutes. These days my only real luxury is my car (and that's far from new) and of course, my guitars. As for holidays, I'm lucky if I get one about every four years these days. Yet I am far happier now than I was 30 years ago. How can that be?

As you get older, you realise that the valuable things in life are your health, your wife/husband, best friends, pets and the ability to run your life without having to incur debts just to be able to stay afloat. If you can afford to go out for a meal and drinks once a week (when you are not in lockdown), then what else do you really need?

So making an album and releasing it? Well there's a luxury that I couldn't have wished for, and I am truly grateful the opportunity has arisen. Lockdown? Well every cloud has a silver lining.

Ross Hemsworth Thankful of Somerset!

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