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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Well, a bit of a change in direction for me in 2021, having undertaken a couple of courses with Think Space Education, I am now starting to write for film, TV, Corporate Video and adverts. It is of course, still early days and a very competitive area, but poses a completely different kind of challenge for me moving forward.

As part of the coursework, I am learning the basics of orchestration, and enjoying every minute of Guy Michelmore's training videos. I have bent the plastic a little along the way, getting hold of some of the best sample software on the market and a larger and faster PC. Well they do say you have to speculate to accumulate! The first short examples of the work are available to listen to HERE. (Mists of Avalon and Winter's Chill) I am also starting to make a new version of my movie-style track Skyrider! Watch for updates on my songwriting page on this website.

As well as some short tracks for ads, I have re-orchestrated a recently written track called Night of the Witch, composed with a view to placing it with a TV or film company. Bristol-based singer Lenny Savage did a fabulous job on the vocals too. She has touches of the great Pat Benetar in her vocal style!

Other tracks now in development include a co-write with the equally talented Freya Wolf, which has a real soul feel to it and is my first encounter with a brilliant software package called Hollywood Backing Singers! This track will be EPIC when finished, believe me!

Another track in development is a big film style song called We're Gonna Be Lovers, which began with just a keyboard and guitar line by Mike Marshall and myself, and has now turned into a 'team write' featuring Tim Bragg, Freya Wolf, Mike and myself! Orchestration on this one is also sounding pretty good now ;)

It's very rare to be able to make a living from writing music, but a few do and if I am to be able to compete at that level, my game has to rise considerably. I believe that is starting to happen and this year may see some of my best work to date.

I guess #lockdown has offered at least some advantages.

Ross Hemsworth Voting Member - Songwriter's Hall of Fame

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