A low key launch, such is the way for Indie artists!

A little deflated today........

After months of working on what is actually a VERY good album with Tim Bragg, we have no money to promote it properly, and despite over 5000 'friends/followers' on my social networks, the downloads so far can be counted on one hand!

This is not unusual for #indie artists, as people seem afraid to spend money on music they don't know, or even to listen to samples, to see if they might like it

Yesterday was launch/release day and I celebrated at home with a glass of cider, quietly with the cats! No big launch parties, radio or TV interviews, because we can't afford radio 'pluggers' or #PR people. Welcome to my world, that of the independent musician :(

I would urge you ALL to visit the link below and just listen to the previews of all 12 tracks, because you just might feel like hearing more!


I guess it's just the way of things, unless the likes of BBC Radio 2 or another big radio group playlist it, or even some big name rock stars decide to give it a big thumbs up as a good piece of work, but that rarely happens unfortunately. We have had some great support so far from smaller radio networks in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and it is still very early days, so fingers crossed!

However, I remain extremely pleased with the album, made during lockdown, remotely from 'home studios' around the world and believe it to be my best work to date in all my years in music.

Ross Hemsworth


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