A little social network discovery trip!

It may be 'lockdown', but I did make ONE trip today, a voyage of discovery, teaching myself the joys and wonders of #Pinterest!

I have never been one to sit and study instruction manuals, I'm more the type of guy who presses buttons to see what they do, often resulting in the loss of all your early work, but learning as you go! If I struggle, I will on occasions, use Youtube tutorials which can be extremely useful. Today was my chance to enjoy or destroy Pinterest!

As we cannot currently afford the joys of having it all done for us by social networking 'experts' who seem to charge a Kings ransom for their services, often with fairly average results, I am taking the task on board myself, along with all my other duties, and I can tell you, there are times I wish hadn't been quite so quick to front the 'queue' of volunteers.

Pinterest is not as easy to work out as the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you basically just set up a page and start posting. For those of you that use it, you will know that you first have to 'create a story' and then 'create a pin', but then how the hell do you get it out into the busy public domain where people will actually see it? It then rejected our website because it didn't have the right 'meta-tag' in the 'header', all things I knew nothing about until earlier today! A foreign language of sorts.

I thought, that if I can sit down at home and achieve a BA (Hons) Degree in Law & Social Sciences with the Open University, I should be able to jump a much smaller fence in the shape of designing a relatively simple (or so I thought), social network page. Hmmm, harder than I thought, but yes I conquered it in the end (and without the aid of a manual or Youtube tutorial) The Strongbow cider however, may have assisted slightly!

So perhaps you would all make my endeavours worthwhile and visit the Pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/bragghemsworth/ and if you have experience in these muddy waters, perhaps give me some pointers as to how to get more hits on the site!

Finally, we ditched the awful Ditto Music today, and moved over to #Distrokid for our global distribution of the singles and the album and man, what a difference! Everything works, customer service get right back to you and they are HELPFUL! Loving their work!

Ross Hemsworth

Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist/Web-Designer/Social Network Guru/Jack of all Trades! www.remotehighway.co.uk

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