A little news about Remote Highway.....

The proverb tells us "great oaks from little acorns grow" and it is my hope and ambition that this is so with Remote Highway Music.

Today, I have taken sole ownership of the name Remote Highway and made it a trading style of my own limited company, with a view to building it and watching it grow in years to come. You may say that this is the wrong time to take such a gamble, with live music at a standstill and another 'lockdown' possibly on the horizon, but this just may be exactly the RIGHT time to pump energy and effort into such a project.

I am a songwriter, a guitarist, a producer and most of all perhaps, an entrepreneur. I have a background not only in the music business, but also in celebrity management, marketing, PR and sales. I believe the mix of these skills allows me to both help and develop new artists, but also to handle the management of very established ones too!

I remember in the 80's, I had a business partner who became the Manager of Level 42, after they had already become famous. The income he earned from his management skills enabled him to sign and assist other artists and also invest in new ventures, like the one he set up with me in the sports industry.

I too moved into artist management, firstly with sports celebrities such as Linford Christie, and later with a boy band from Kent called OUCH who went on to have three top ten hits in Japan with Sony Records. I joined them on a successful tour of Japan, before bringing them back to the UK to perform on a Radio 1 Roadshow, GMTV's Fun in the Sun and Blue Peter! To be honest, this venture might work quicker with a financial backer, but then I would have to give a large part of it away and be responsible to others, whereas this way, it can build slowly and I can remain at the helm with full responsibility for the company's integrity.

Only this week on Twitter, some very well known artists were talking about the terrible way the music industry conducted it's business for so many years, paying 'advances' to young easily influenced bands and artists, all to eager to sign that "big record deal" In fact these so-called advances were little more than ridiculously high interest loans that kept these artists and their songs in chains and tied up for years, with little or no income from their hits whilst the rich record labels recovered the advances and all the 'expenses' that the bands though were freebies paid for by the labels. Some of these loans were quoted in the Twitter conversations as having interests rates of 90% plus!

Here at Remote Highway, I want to be able to offer good and fair deals that give the artist long term control over their music rights and an income from their music if it generates enough sales. The same applies to songwriters and their music publishing. Neither need to sign their lives or rights away and the days of the rip-off should be gone once and for all.

Watch this space as we try and make the dream happen. It won't happen overnight, but hopefully, it WILL be the new way artists are signed and promoted.

Ross Hemsworth Remote Highway Music

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