So was it Mark Knopfler?
So was it Mark Knopfler?

So just who DID play that Dire Straits sounding guitar on Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You)? Was it the maestro?

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Christian Cowlin from The Wailers
Christian Cowlin from The Wailers

Keyboard player with the legendary Wailers (3rd from the left) who has also worked as FoH Engineer for the band

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John Goodland - Lead Guitarist
John Goodland - Lead Guitarist

Australian lead guitarist now living in Nagoya Japan

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Uli Hanig - Lead Guitarist
Uli Hanig - Lead Guitarist

Lead guitarist from Germany

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Carl Fitzgerald - Lead Guitarist
Carl Fitzgerald - Lead Guitarist

Lead guitar on Liberty

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Freya Wolf
Freya Wolf

Backing Vocalist and sings lead vocal on the duet Rock City Nights with Tim

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Mike Knight - Lead Guitarist
Mike Knight - Lead Guitarist
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Michael Marshall Keyboards/Piano
Michael Marshall Keyboards/Piano
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Cat Lake-Benson
Cat Lake-Benson

Backing Vocals on Fairground Ride

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Lead Gtr - Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You)

So just who did play that lead guitar on Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You)?

So many people are already saying it was Mark Knopfler, but was it?

The guitarist is actually Robi Bevan from Somerset UK, who does a pretty good Mark Knopfler impersonation! He once played a gig at a US Air Force base where the band were getting what Robi describes as a 'mixed response' until they burst into Sultans of Swing, when suddenly the room became crowded as everyone from the other rooms came in believing Dire Straits were playing at the venue! Yes, he IS that good!



CHRISTIAN COWLIN - from the legendary band The Wailers
Keyboards - Soul on Fire

FOH/Sound engineer is Christian Cowlin, a Wailers Band veteran who has traveled the world with The Wailers for more than 20 years and who is responsible for the band’s live sound.


Started as monitor engineer with The Wailers in 2000 soon became tour manager and keyboard player till 2007 then took a break and toured with Joe Brown as his FOH engineer whilst still keeping in with guest appearances with The Wailers on Keys through till 2014 then reunited full time with The Wailers 2017 as FOH engineer and Production manager . 


Played keys on many albums mixed and produced many albums mainly reggae though .



Lead Guitar - Tall Stories on Short Street

John grew up in New Zealand and learned piano at an early age.
Taking up guitar in his high school days, he developed a life long love for the guitar and keyboards.

He lived in Australia for many years and while he had always played guitar it was when he moved to Japan in 2007 that he started to actively record music under the name Dnaldoog (which is his surname reversed).


He have been involved in various musical projects since in Japan and also focuses on his other passion; oil painting.


Lead Guitar - The Disappearing Kind & New World (Has Begun)

Uli Hänig (*24.06.1968 in Kandel) German Blues guitarist.

Since 1982 Uli Hänig has played in various bands on stages in Germany, Holland, England and Switzerland. He recorded the CD's "Doctors Order" and "A Night At Lohmeyer" with the band Doctor's Order which he was a part from 1991-2019

In 2016 he produced the album "Authentic" with the English musician Tim Bragg. Since 2016 he is the guitarist of the band "Six4Blues".

In 2017 he joined the band "Harmony&Sound", which mainly organizes concerts for local charities.


Lead Guitar - Liberty

First Guitar, a Watkins Rapier 22. First Gig at 16 in Birkenhead YMCA for Birkenheads First Festival of Youth. With a Band called Brick. [1972] Gained more experience along the way in various Club and Pub Bands, Youth Clubs etc., Depping for a few bands that needed a guitar player for one off gigs or several week runs.


Recorded with a singer from a locally well known band Amsterdam Lil. Tape was played to Micky Most which led the singer to join Roxy Music when Brian Ferry left them. They became The Explorers with Phil Manzanera.

Loose Change was his band in the 80' through 90's chart type band Level 42, Simple Minds etc., he depped for Little Italy  in 87, joined them in 2009 to 2011. since then Carl has  recorded his own songs at home and can be heard on Youtube. 


Lead Vocals (Duet) - Rock City Nights
Backing Vocals - Loneliness Road, Soul on Fire, Tall Stories on Short Street, Step Away, Temptaion Road


Freya was born in the South Wales Valleys in 1978 to a theatrical and musical family. Freya’s grandparents collectively owned the local ‘Little Theatre’ where she began acting at a young age and has continued to appear in a British made Zombie movie, Patients of a saint.

Freya discovered her love of music at 2years old and would learn all the words to her favourite songs, make up dances and record into a little cassette microphone. Age six, she took to the piano and by 16 had passed her Grade 6. Freya also took classical singing lessons and achieved her Grade 6 by 15years old.

Over the years Freya sang with a variety of musicians, from duets with a 12string guitarist, to an Irish folk ban, she played the pubs and clubs of South Wales and won a few competitions along the way. In 2001 Freya was offered a recording contract with Sony, but by this time Freya had a lovely family of three children whom she did not want brought up by nannies, so she turned down the offer. 


Lead Guitar - Rock City Nights

Mike started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and joined his first band at sixteen.  At twenty he set off to Germany where he spent two years playing in U.S Army and Air Force bases as well as German clubs.

On his return to England he spent his time playing all round the U.K. most notably in a band backing the lead singer of the Foundations, (Build Me Up Buttercup, Baby Now That I’ve Found You) however when that came to an end it seemed that life as a professional musician was to elude him, so he settled for working as a semi professional musician.


Over the years he has played in a variety of bands covering pretty well every genre of music. These days, when not gigging with his current band, he is most likely to be found in his studio writing or recording guitar tracks for other musicians and song writers.


Piano - Tall Stories on Short Street, New World (Has Begun) . Hammond - Side by Side

Mike says “Played guitar & keyboards for as long as I can marimba :)”

Michael has been recording & producing since the early 80' - many bands, mostly enjoyable experiences. 

IHe says "I miss playing live and look forward to doing more of that in the future, but am most at home in the studio, searching for that "killer" mix."

Experimenting with dance music is my latest thing and would love to see a room heaving with people dancing to my music.

Saxaphone - Side by Side. Harmonica - Tall Stories on Short Street

Sean tells us.... "Reliable sources suggest I’ve been doing stuff with Ross for about five years – wow ! That’s like 12 % of the years I’ve spent earning my living by playing sax.

So having been born in San Francisco, taught myself to play in Buckinghamshire, done my 10,000 hours and 5,000+ gigs, and all kinds of stuff like some T.V. and some recording and some teaching, I still get a kick out of doing stuff for himself. So, thanks for the music, and for letting me give it to you. .....Or something!"

Backing Vocals - Fairground Ride

Music has always been Cat's passion. she says "I can't remember a time when I didn't sing. I love being able to affect peoples' emotions with song - hopefully in a good way!

I've done lots of recording over the years and a few small gigs here and there and am currently a member of The Ilminster Belles choir which I love.

I also love words, so writing lyrics is another outlet for my creativity."


Stephen Dray

Stephen designed the 3D Cover artwork and is a friend of ours who has put so much work into the Tall Stories project with has taken many weeks of his time. We thank him immensely for this.

Contact Stephen about your artwork needs at


Freya Wolf

Freya  deserves a very special mention here.  She is a Somerset-based singer and songwriter who became involved in the project at quite a late stage, undertaking the majority of the backing vocals on many of the tracks.

During the lockdown, working from her own studio and giving her services freely, Freya did a fantastic job for which we thank her greatly.

Freya Wolf 1.jpg