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Freya Wolf
Just Another Day
The album
Drops April 29th

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Freya on GFM GlastonburyFreya on GFM
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Listen to Freya Wolf being interviewed on GFM by presenter Ian Liversidge. Ian kindly allowed us to use this interview and we thank him and all at GFM for their kind assistance supporting Freya and her debut single

Freya's third single RED ROSES (Are Never Enough) dropped on November 19th 2021. This was a double a-side with FUNK IS COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS,






Freya was born in Aberdare in South Wales in 1978 She lived in Aberdare, Swansea, Carmarthenshire. She moved to Street in 2008 before travelling the UK for two years, with stays in London, Scotland, North and South Wales, Cornwall, Devon, before finally settling in Somerset.

As a classical pianist she was inspired early on by Nina Simone and Beverly Craven. She then found a love for female soul singers. She says "I have varied tastes from rock to reggae, classical piano to drum and bass. However, my all time favourite soul tracks are RESPECT by Aretha Franklin and My Baby Just Cares for Me by Nina Simone. My favourite track from other genres is Brighter Days by Hybrid Minds ft Charlotte Haining."
Freya writes and co-writes her own material, with most of the forthcoming album JUST ANOTHER DAY co-written with writer and Producer Ross Hemsworth.

Available from all good download and streaming sites. 


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Tim Bragg & Ross Hemsworth

4-Track-Teaser 23-05-2020Bragg & Hemsworth
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The album



Rockin' The Lockdown

There has been no time-wasting in isolation for musicians Tim Bragg and Ross Hemsworth who have been writing, producing and performing their brand new album remotely from studios in England and France, together with a host of special guest appearances from across the musical planet!

Tim Bragg is a multi-instrumentalist whose voice has been described as Van Morrison meets Phil Lynott, with touches of Bob Seger added to taste!

Ross Hemsworth is a songwriter, guitarist, producer and says he 'dabbles at keyboards to irritate the neighbours'! He is also a voting member of the U.S. Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The pair have written and co-written 12 tracks that really are going to bring them to the public's attention with some superb songs, well produced and performed and managing to mix country, pop, New Jersey rock and even reggae on one album!

There are at least three potential singles on the album which drops on Fri July 31st 2020

Track list:-

1.   LIBERTY (Bragg/Hemsworth)

2.   FAIRGROUND RIDE  (Bragg/Hemsworth)

3.   GIRL MY MONEY (SURE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU)  (Bevan/Hemsworth)

4.   STEP AWAY  (Bragg)


6.   SOUL ON FIRE  (Bragg)

7.   THE DISAPPEARING KIND (Bragg/Hemsworth)

8.   LONELINESS ROAD  (Hemsworth)

9.   ROCK CITY NIGHTS (Duet with Freya Wolf) (Hemsworth)

10. TEMPTATION ROAD  (Hemsworth)

11.  SIDE BY SIDE  (Hemsworth)

12.  NEW WORLD (HAS BEGUN)  (Bragg)

All tracks produced by Ross Hemsworth & Tim Bragg 
during the 'lockdown' 2020 at studios in

Somerset UK and South West France


Special Guests

to see who we managed to get as special guests on the album!

Tim Bragg


Bass -  ALL TRACKS *Except Loneliness Rd

Percussion - Temptation Rd, Soul on Fire, Side by Side, Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You)
Lead Gtr - Temptation Rd, Step Away, Soul on Fire
Rhythm Gtr - Step Away, New World (Has Begun)

BV's - Girl My Money (Sure Looks Good on You), The Disappearing Kind, Side by Side

Sax - Loneliness Rd.

Ross Hemsworth

Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitars- All tracks *Except Step Away and New World (Has Begun)

Lead Gtr -
Fairground Ride and Side by Side

Keyboards -
All tracks *Except Step Away, Soul on Fire and New World (Has Begun)

Bass -
Loneliness Rd.

For all other guest appearances and musical credits, CLICK HERE

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