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Remote Highway Music are making waves with a host of new writers and releases planned for 2021/22

There is an old saying in the music industry, "be a trend SETTER not a trend follower" and sometimes, setting a trend means bringing back all that is good, rather than following what is 'current'. 

Great music is timeless as are great musical styles. 


Remote Highway Music is a UK-based music publishing company specialising in new music, songwriters and royalty collection.

Launched during the infamous lockdown in 2020, our first signing is Songwriter's Hall of Fame member, Ross Hemsworth. His album Tall Stories on Short Street, made with Tim Bragg, was released during the UK's first Covid lockdown and received a good response from radio across the world.

We fully support independent artists and bands of all age groups and also write material aimed at pitches to larger 'named' artists. 

We have our own in-house record label and welcome enquiries from companies that can assist with physical and digital distribution of our products. 

Check out some of our music HERE

We welcome enquiries from management, artists and labels seeking material for their artists, or from Producers and Directors seeking music for film, TV, advertising campaigns or corporate video, seeking trailers, scores or music beds.

Film & TV Placement

Remote Highway Music looks after the rights of songwriters signed to the company.

We cover a wide range of musical styles from pop and rock to country and film/TV tracks.

In the past year, we have been been specialising in composition for television, film, advertising and corporate video and many examples of instrumental music, together with custom written tracks with vocals, aimed specifically at visual productions.

Check out our SONGWRITING and compositions page on this website to see more and get the latest news, and to hear some of our writer's recent work.